Soo Ji & Woo Ri (2024)


Jin Soo Ji is a psychiatrist at Haedeul Hospital and a celebrity who is considered the most sought-after for variety shows. In addition to medical treatment, she is a hot shot who has never slept more than three hours a day due to tight schedules such as broadcasts, book concerts, and fan signing events. However, her perfect life, which seemed to be on a roll forever, starts to fall apart. It all begins with Chae Woo Ri, the new doctor. He is talented, humorous, and full of justice. Therefore, in the eyes of a doctor who believes understanding and trust of patients are the top priority, Soo Ji seems to be a selfish person who only cares about her own success, and they naturally become enemies in the hospital. However, when Soo Ji disappears due to various scandals, he starts to understand her pain. What will happen between Soo Ji and Woo Ri, who were at each other's throats from the beginning? (Source: KOCOWA+)


Hometown Report
Hometown Report (2013)
Status: Ep 8067
Release year: 2013
Running Man
Running Man (2010)
Status: Ep 711
Release year: 2010
Bed Friend
Bed Friend (2023)
Status: Ep 10
Release year: 2023
morning forum
morning forum (2013)
Status: Ep 9697
Release year: 2013
Queen of Tears
Queen of Tears (2024)
Status: Ep 16.2
Release year: 2024
live info show 2
live info show 2 (2014)
Status: Ep 2224
Release year: 2014
Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband (2024)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2024
Lovely Runner
Lovely Runner (2024)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2024
Weekly Idol
Weekly Idol (2011)
Status: Ep 668
Release year: 2011
I Live Alone
I Live Alone (2013)
Status: Ep 551
Release year: 2013
The Return of Superman
The Return of Superman (2013)
Status: Ep 538
Release year: 2013
My Demon
My Demon (2023)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2023
Hidden Love
Hidden Love (2023)
Status: Ep 25.5
Release year: 2023
Ask Us Anything
Ask Us Anything (2015)
Status: Ep 439
Release year: 2015
Twinkling Watermelon
Twinkling Watermelon (2023)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2023
How Do You Play
How Do You Play (2019)
Status: Ep 240
Release year: 2019
Radio Star
Radio Star (2007)
Status: Ep 871
Release year: 2007
Amazing Saturday
Amazing Saturday (2018)
Status: Ep 318
Release year: 2018
King of Mask Singer
King of Mask Singer (2015)
Status: Ep 456
Release year: 2015
Pops in Seoul
Pops in Seoul (2014)
Status: Ep 3752
Release year: 2014
Love With Flaws
Love With Flaws (2019)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2019
Revenge of Others
Revenge of Others (2022)
Status: Ep 12
Release year: 2022
1 Night 2 Days S04
1 Night 2 Days S04 (2019)
Status: Ep 231
Release year: 2019
True Beauty
True Beauty (2020)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2020
Mystic TV: Surprise
Mystic TV: Surprise (2002)
Status: Ep 1077
Release year: 2002
Proud of You
Proud of You (2020)
Status: Ep 409
Release year: 2020
Golden Oldies
Golden Oldies (2015)
Status: Ep 1864
Release year: 2015
Doctor Slump
Doctor Slump (2024)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2024
The Third Marriage
The Third Marriage (2023)
Status: Ep 132
Release year: 2023
My Lovely Liar
My Lovely Liar (2023)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2023
Showbiz Korea
Showbiz Korea (2013)
Status: Ep 3782
Release year: 2013
Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars (2021)
Status: Ep 147
Release year: 2021
Flex X Cop
Flex X Cop (2024)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2024
Moving (2023)
Status: Ep 20
Release year: 2023
Reborn Rich
Reborn Rich (2022)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2022
King the Land
King the Land (2023)
Status: Ep 16
Release year: 2023
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